Yes, I’m still alive!

I know, I know it’s been a long ass time since I posted anything here. It feels good getting back to my creative side. I guess I went on a sort of creative hiatus. Long story short, I went on a few roller coasters of life and metaphorically vomited all over the place and got sick for awhile. 

Luckily and lately I’ve been feeling like my former self again. I’ve been writing and doodling all sorts of ideas and can’t wait to start sharing them again. I really missed making comics and am happily doing something about it. While I’m thinking about it.. I think this website needs a fresh coat of paint. So I guess that’ll be happening again soon.

As for this piece, it once again started as a quick sketch in one of my sketchbooks. I really liked the idea of a Dragon taking the shape of a treble clef but I also drew some pretty weird looking Batman logo wing things?? As seen below.., those had to go and I went for a more day/night background which I’m way more happy with. 

Alright so there we go. Hiatus over. Step one make something, step two make something else, and step three remember one of the things I’m constantly reminding myself and my kids..

Create don’t Destroy