I was cleaning up my house and found an old painting I started (pictured below) but I guess I gave up on it. I actually threw it in the trash for a minute but then all of a sudden I thought that I could make this thing work somewhat if I blasted it with a sharpie. Okay, I also used some copics and a tiny little bit of white out but the point is that now it’s happily living(?) on my wall as a finished piece. 

I know that sometimes as artists we have to use our erasers as much as we use our drawing utensils. Also, sometimes we have to scrap what we are working on and start from scratch, but every once in awhile I guess you can just set a troublesome piece aside give it some time and then view it from a different perspective. 

I’m well aware it’s not a masterpiece but I’m happy that it exists instead of me giving up on it and throwing it away.