I was very lucky and got to attend the Galaxy Con in Raleigh this year. Met a lot of cool people and saw so many great things. But easily the one thing I’m truly treasuring is that I drew this picture of Piccolo from Dragon Ball and got it signed by his voice artist Chris Sabat.

He was so friendly and professional to everyone. Seemed like a really great dude. I also got a chance to walk around and talk to a few other artists whom were nice enough to take a look at some of my stuff and give me a few pointers.

I’m still working on Ant Guy volume #2 in my free time but I’ve decided to try and do something I’ve always wanted to do which is to try my hand doing Animation! I messed around with Flash back in the day and made some silly things but I want to try and do something a bit more professional so I have started some serious training in Toon Boom. I’m really excited about it and can’t wait to share whatever it is that I come up with. Should be fun 🙂

LaTeRz – Adam