I have never been so happy to have finished a drawing in such a long time. I lost track of just how many hours it took me to draw this thing once it went past double digits. Sometimes I would just be listening to podcast and go into a zone and other times it was like running an artistic marathon. The callus on my ring finger is rock hard. Yeah, I know I probably don’t hold a pencil or pen properly, but it’s how I’ve been doing it and it works for me.

This piece started as an 11×17 hand drawing using a regular pencil, mechanical pencil, Prismacolor pens, and some Speedball super black india ink. Most of the wirey stuff was done with an 01 Prismcolor pen. I’d say 98% of the line art was drawn using a pen and paper but when I went to a scan and color it I had to do some clean ups and edits.

Even though I took the time to scan color this piece I have to admit I kind of dig the Black and White version of it a little more. I’m going to make prints of both versions and I’m honestly curious if people will prefer one over the other. So, I might as well post that version here as well..

Also, if you “right” click either of those images and select “open image in new tab” you should be able to click on a magnifying lense and get a little bit closer. If that’s not working on your device for some reason. I also took a little snap shot while zoomed in..

Thanks for visiting. Hope your all keeping safe and best wishes.